Website Design

As you may have already noticed, we’ve given the AI-Therapy website a facelift. There are a number of improvements, including easier navigation, more content, and higher quality video.  Please take a look, and let us know what you think!





We also have a new logo, which was designed by the same person who helped us with the new website (Rob Hogg of Skinny Whippet):




Conference Travel

We’re pretty excited to be going to the World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (WCBCT 2013) in Lima, Peru in July this year. This conference is held every three years, in various countries around the world. It provides an opportunity for researchers and clinicians to meet and discuss the “state of the art” in CBT.

I will be giving two talks at the conference:

  1. I was honoured to be invited to speak in a symposium with world’s leaders in online CBT (the other speakers are Gerhard Andersson and Per Carlbring from Sweden, Pim Cuijpers from Netherlands, and Nick Titov from Australia). The title of the symposium is The latest developments in internet-based treatments of common mental disorders. I will be speaking about some of my work at the University of Oxford, as well as the latest developments with AI-Therapy.
  2. My second talk is based on work I conducted with Ross Menzies of the University of Sydney and Mark Jones of the University of Queensland. The title is Superstitious behaviour in Iceland during and after the global financial crisis simulates the aetiology of obsessive-compulsive disorder.


We’re pretty busy these days, but there are exciting times ahead!





Fjola  Helgadottir, PhD, MClinPsych, is a clinical psychologist, a senior research clinician at the University of Oxford, and is a co-creator of, an online CBT treatment program for overcoming social anxiety


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