Happy New Year!


When we launched the AI-Therapy treatment program we never expected to get users from such a wide range of countries. We’ve had users from 22 different countries tackle their social anxiety in the last year. For something a little different, we are going to try to translate our program’s name for each country below (please let us know if we make any mistakes in your language):

  1. Australia: Overcome social anxiety (does anyone know how to say this in an Aboriginal language?)
  2. Canada: Overcome social anxiety, Surmonter l’anxiété sociale
  3. Denmark: Overvind social angst
  4. France: Surmonter l’anxiété sociale
  5. Germany: Überwindung von Social Anxiety
  6. Iceland: Sigrastu á félagskvíða
  7. Ireland: Overcome social anixety, Superar a ansiedade social
  8. Israel: להתגבר על חרדה חברתית and التغلب على القلق الاجتماعي
  9. Luxembourg: Surmonter l’anxiété sociale, Überwindung von Social Anxiety (is there another term in Luxembourgish?)
  10. New Zealand: Overcome social anxiety, Ma te pouri i hinga Social
  11. Norway: Vinne sosial angst
  12. Poland: Przezwyciężyć lęk społeczny
  13. Saudi Arabia: التغلب على القلق الاجتماعي
  14. Slovenia: Premagovanje socialne anksioznosti
  15. Singapore: Overcome social anxiety, Mengatasi kebimbangan sosial, சமூககவலை கடக்க, 克服社交焦虑 or 克服社交焦慮
  16. South Korea:사회 불안을 극복
  17. Spain: Superar la ansiedad social
  18. Sweden: Övervinna social ångest
  19. United Arab Emirates: التغلب على القلق الاجتماعي
  20. United Kingdom: Overcome social anxiety
  21. United States of America: Overcome social anxiety
  22. Vietnam: Khắc phục lo âu xã hội

I hope you decide to Overcome Social anxiety in 2014!