Just a quick heads up. I’ve written a three part series on computerized therapy that has been published on the PsychCentral website.

1.Computerized Therapy: Will Your Next Therapist Be a Computer?

Despite a conspicuous absence of insightful robots, computerized therapy is more important than ever.

A general introduction to the field of computerized therapy, including how it works and why it is important. Read more.

2. Top 5 Myths about Computerized Therapy

I do not see real-world clinics joining video rental shops in the graveyard of obsolete business models anytime soon.

A look at some of the most common misconceptions about the field. Read more.

3. The Future of Computerized Therapy

The statistical analysis of large data sets is changing the world we live in. … Therapists have been recording clinical information about patients for decades, and it is exciting to consider what a large-scale analysis might reveal.

Some of the exciting technologies that might shape the future of the field. Read more.



Fjola  Helgadottir, PhD, CPsychol, is a clinical psychologist, a senior research clinician at the University of Oxford, and is a co-creator of AI-Therapy.com, an online CBT treatment program for overcoming social anxiety


Happy New Year!


When we launched the AI-Therapy treatment program we never expected to get users from such a wide range of countries. We’ve had users from 22 different countries tackle their social anxiety in the last year. For something a little different, we are going to try to translate our program’s name for each country below (please let us know if we make any mistakes in your language):

  1. Australia: Overcome social anxiety (does anyone know how to say this in an Aboriginal language?)
  2. Canada: Overcome social anxiety, Surmonter l’anxiété sociale
  3. Denmark: Overvind social angst
  4. France: Surmonter l’anxiété sociale
  5. Germany: Überwindung von Social Anxiety
  6. Iceland: Sigrastu á félagskvíða
  7. Ireland: Overcome social anixety, Superar a ansiedade social
  8. Israel: להתגבר על חרדה חברתית and التغلب على القلق الاجتماعي
  9. Luxembourg: Surmonter l’anxiété sociale, Überwindung von Social Anxiety (is there another term in Luxembourgish?)
  10. New Zealand: Overcome social anxiety, Ma te pouri i hinga Social
  11. Norway: Vinne sosial angst
  12. Poland: Przezwyciężyć lęk społeczny
  13. Saudi Arabia: التغلب على القلق الاجتماعي
  14. Slovenia: Premagovanje socialne anksioznosti
  15. Singapore: Overcome social anxiety, Mengatasi kebimbangan sosial, சமூககவலை கடக்க, 克服社交焦虑 or 克服社交焦慮
  16. South Korea:사회 불안을 극복
  17. Spain: Superar la ansiedad social
  18. Sweden: Övervinna social ångest
  19. United Arab Emirates: التغلب على القلق الاجتماعي
  20. United Kingdom: Overcome social anxiety
  21. United States of America: Overcome social anxiety
  22. Vietnam: Khắc phục lo âu xã hội

I hope you decide to Overcome Social anxiety in 2014!