I find it fascinating that our online psychology services have the potential to change the lives of people anywhere on the planet. No waiting list – you can simply signup and start therapy within minutes, using your own name or a pseudonym, making absolute privacy a reality!

After 7 years of development, we are finally launching our Internet treatment program to the world. Please take a look at http://www.AI-Therapy.com. Cognitive behaviour therapy is the leading treatment for social anxiety. Our service is unique.

Our service is unique in that we have have taken psychological data from major anxiety clinics, and used this data to detect common themes and patterns among those with anxiety. Next, we have used this information to write thousands of different evidence based clinical psychology treatments for social anxiety. All of these interventions have been incorporated into the system. This is how we can have an automated system, yet highly individualised at the same time. We have done our best to use simple, non-technical language that everyone understands. We have also done everything possible to make it as relevant as possible to each user.

Since the program is fully automated, it is tempting to think that it is just like a book that had been put online. However, AI-Therapy is so much more. Imagine a book that remembers you, and adapts its contents based on your thoughts and concerns. Imagine a book that allows you to hear directly the voice of the authors, who explain the principles behind all the exercises and concepts described on each page. Imagine a book that has decades of experience in treating people similar to you and giving you feedback based on that experience. You can have all of this and so much more with AI-Therapy.




Fjola  Helgadottir, PhD, MClinPsych, is a clinical psychologist, a senior research clinician at the University of Oxford, and is a co-creator of AI-Therapy.com, an online CBT treatment program for overcoming social anxiety