AI-Therapy for Clinics and Therapists

AI-Therapy's Overcome Social Anxiety program is now available as a tool for therapists and clinicians. Watch the video below to find out why and how Professor Ross Menzies uses AI-Therapy in his clinic:

An AI-Therapy site license can be used to supplement face to face therapy with an online treatment component that patients complete in their own time. It is a cost-effective means of reaching a wider audience. For example, it can be used with clients who:

  • Have a limited budget or insurance coverage for in-person sessions
  • Are in rural areas, and have difficulty attending a clinic in person

Furthermore, the program can be used as a training tool. Working through the program with a client will help teach therapists the latest evidence-based techniques for treating social phobia.

Site License

An AI-Therapy site license includes:

  • An unlimited number of patient accounts. In other words, there are no additional costs for each client you enroll in the program. This includes access to all seven sections of the treatment program, as well as pre and post assessment questionnaires.
  • Clinics have full control over how they provide their clients with access to the program. For example, the online treatment can be offered for free, packaged with other services, or sold individually. Offering fully automated online therapies to your clients can give your business a competitive advantage, as well as opening a new revenue stream.
  • Therapists can monitor their patient's progress using an administrative interface. Patient progress can serve as discussion points for in-person sessions.
  • Therapists can download and print PDF reports. These reports are a convenient and permanent record of a client's treatment history.
  • Site licenses can also be used by other types of organizations to provide high-quality mental health services to their members. For example, the human resource departments of businesses, university health services, charities, etc.
  • In the video below Dr Fjola Helgadottir discusses group therapy, self-help books, and why GPs might be interested in the program:


Site licenses are offered as an annual subscription, with no additional costs. The fee depends on the size of the clinic or organization, so please contact us for a quote. Also, let us know if you would like to evaluate the social anxiety treatment program using a free demonstration account.