Social anxiety test

I have difficulty saying "no" to others.

I find public speaking stressful.

I try to avoid social situations where I will meet new people.

I worry about making mistakes in social situations.

It is very important to me to make good impressions on other people.

I am often afraid that I will look ridiculous or make a fool of myself.

Expressing controversial opinions makes me uneasy.

I am frequently afraid of other people noticing my shortcomings.

I find it difficult to speak to authority figures.

I often ruminate that other people are upset with me.


The ten questions in this assessment are based on common symptoms of social anxiety. Taking this free online test can give you an indication of your levels of social anxiety. For each question, click on "True" if you feel the statement applies to you, otherwise click "False". Your score will be shown to you after you have answered all 10 questions.

  • Normal: Most people have a few thoughts that make them nervous or anxious from time to time. In general, you don't seem to be experiencing many of the common symptoms of social phobia.
  • High: You are showing signs of social anxiety, and would likely benefit from an online treatment program.
  • Very high: You are at the higher-end of the spectrum for this questionnaire, and may have a social anxiety disorder. A therapy program involving the use of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), such as AI-Therapy, is recommended.

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