Fjola Helgadottir

Dr Fjola Dogg Helgadottir

Dr Fjola Dogg Helgadottir is a Director at AI-Therapy, a registered psychologist at DFHPC and Dr. Fjóla & Kompaní, previously at the Vancouver CBT Centre and a Senior Research Clinician at Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford in the UK. She has been registered to the highest level in U.K., Canada, Australia and Iceland. In the U.K. she was a Chartered clinical psychologist within the British Psychological Society, and a registered psychologist with the UK Health and Care Professions Council. In Canada she is a registered psychologist at British Columbia College of Psychologists, and a certified CBT therapist from the CACBT. In Australia she was a member of the college of clinical psychologists within the Australian Psychological Society. In Iceland she has a specialist title for clinical psychology . Fjola has completed four degrees in psychology (see more professional qualifications). AI-Therapy grew out of her doctoral research, which was focused on innovative computer-based treatments for anxiety disorders.

Fjola has written extensively about online therapy, both in peer reviewed academic journals and conferences. She is an expert writer for Psychology Today with her open access blog Man vs Machine and is featured frequently in the Icelandic media. See Fjola's publications for more details.

Fjola has received several major awards for her internationally recognized research, including Australia’s prestigious Tracy Goodall Early Career Award for Research Achievement. In addition, she has trained to the highest level as a clinical psychologist in Australia, and ran a successful private practice in Sydney. She currently provides consulting services on the topic of online psychology and psychiatry for her company AICBT Ltd, which has clients in Sydney, Australia; Oxford and London, UK; and Denver and New York in the USA.