Create a plan

Your passions

It is time to think about your plan. Note that you don't have to plan to accomplish everything on your list – that can become overwhelming and too hard to get off the ground. Rather, review the list and pick the ones that you are most excited about, and think about how you can make them happen.

Write it down

I once read that a common trait of successful people is that they have a written plan of how they intend to achieve their goals. As soon as you write a plan down, it moves from "this is something I'd like to do" category to the "this is something I am working towards" category.

At this point you are going to have to step outside of the program. You need your plan recorded somewhere that you can access for years and years to come. You may already have a system in place. Personally, I use an Excel spreadsheet (I even wrote a blog post about this, which you can find here here), and here is how I set it up:

Another option I recommend is a Google Docs spreadsheet because this is free and can be accessed online from any device. There are countless smartphone apps out there for life planning as well. If you prefer the pencil and paper method, that's fine too. Whatever system you prefer to use, the single most important thing is for your plan to be written down.

Your life with or without a child

You hope that your future will include having a child, and this should be reflected in your plan. For example, you plan may have a "fertility" row, that includes things you can know and control, such as trips to the doctor, ovulation times, and when you plan to undergo treatment. However, the idea is that you also have other goals that you work towards independently of the fertility component. Do not make these depending on being pregnant on a certain date.

At this point I would like you to leave the program and put your plan together. Start working towards a future that you want for yourself.