Career planning

"Don't leave before you leave"

For those who are interested in career planning, I think the following video is worth watching. It is a talk by Sheryl Sandberg who is currently the COO at Facebook. She is also the author of the very popular book called "Lean In", which is about women in the workplace. In the video below she begins by talking more generally about the challenges faced by professional women. This is interesting in its own right, but around the 12 minute mark she has an important message for those who are planning to have children. She claims that many women stop trying to progress their career when they start planning for children:

This advice is relevant beyond the workplace. Perhaps you have other ambitions or plans that you are holding back on since you feel it is incompatible with pregnancy. This might include taking up a new sport, going traveling, starting new hobbies, etc. Take a moment to think about this.