Moving forward

What does the future hold? There are three possible outcomes for those who want a child, but are struggling to conceive:

  1. A successful pregnancy
  2. Adoption or becoming a foster parent
  3. A child-free life

If you are like more people in your situation, you hope for the first, may have given some thought to the second, but are terrified at the thought of the third. Let's look at these three options a little more closely.

1. A successful pregnancy

Medical science has made amazing advances over the past few decades and assisted reproduction techniques are improving by the day. A lot of people who struggle to conceive eventually have the child they desire so much.

2. Adoption

Adoption unites a child who needs love with those who have an abundance of love to give. It is a beautiful thing, and the experience can be every bit as rich and rewarding as a biological child. With that in mind, adoption is not for everyone. Some couples don't feel it is suitable for them, and for others it is simply not available. However, those who do take this path will be the first to tell you that DNA is only a molecule, and the love you have for an adopted child is true love in every sense of the word.

3. A child-free life

We have to face the fact that there is a possibility of a future without a child. Not all stories have happy endings.

When is the right time to stop trying to conceive? The answer is different for everyone, and there are many factors to consider such as advice from doctors, your financial situation, the strain on your relationship, etc. It will be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make, and no one can tell you when is the right time.

This final section of the program is not about letting go of your dream. It is about continuing to live your life while you try to get pregnant, and finding meaning in whatever the future has in store for you. I hope to help you realize that there are many paths you can take in life, and that even though you may not be child-free by choice, there is still an opportunity for a meaningful and fulfilling life. In other words, this section is not about moving on, but about moving forward.