Your sex life

Improving your sex life

Unfortunately, when we are trying to conceived it is often recommended that we “schedule” sex. This doesn't exactly help set the mood. However, it is important to maintain an active and fulfilling sex life while trying to conceive. In order to do this it is important to look at the problem cognitively, physically and behaviorally.


Quite often our body image suffers when we have problems conceiving. For example, you may see yourself as somehow "flawed", and this can make you feel less interested in sex. When you have these thoughts, continue to use the thought challenging strategies you learned in Part C of this program. Remember, thoughts are just thoughts, and if we can identify unhelpful ones we should challenge them.


We have talked about exercise and relaxation before in this program, and these are important. Also, keeping physically fit will help you be in the mood to spice things up.


In an attempt to get enjoyment out of sex again, try a “date night”. Experiment with not speaking about fertility problems for the night. Plan to have sex when you come home. During the night, make sure you say 5 things you admire about your partner. This may seem a bit artificial at first, but when you have tried it a few times, you may be surprised that being reminded of the positive things your partner sees in you can make you feel better about yourself, and an improved sex life will follow naturally.