Your relationship with your partner

6 Strategies to experiment with

Here is a list of strategies you can use to strength your relationship.

1. Work on the friendship

Sometimes we treat our friends better than we do our partners. One of the key factors in a successful relationship is to work on the relationship friendship. Do the same sort of things you would do for your friends for your partner.

2. The 5 to 1 principle

It is said that if you have something negative to say to your partner you need at least 5 positive things to say to balance it out. Try this. Often when we are angry at people, being kind and saying nice things to them can help US.

3. The value of surprise

Someone wise once said that being romantic is all about surprise. To experiment with this, set up a planned or unplanned surprise. The planner gets a lot of enjoyment thinking about what will make the other person happy and the receiver feels valued and loved. It really is a win-win situation.

4. Communicate

Reluctance and honesty – if there is anyone who you should be honest with about trying to conceive, it is your partner. Therefore, be open and communicate it in a constructive way. Remember to make compromises and find the middle ground in the relationship.

5. The "in your shoes" exercise

Spend time thinking about the problem from your partner’s perspective. After this, communicate this with your partner to make sure you understand them correctly.

6. Needs analysis

Identify your needs, and explore with your partner's needs with him. To understand your need you can simply take some time to think about it. However, verbalizing this can be difficult, and the last section of this program has strategies for you to help you see what you want from life. It is extremely important in healthy relationships that both parties have their needs met.