Where does your pressure come from?

There are several potential sources of pressure:

  • Partner
  • Family, including immediate family, in-laws, and extended family.
  • Friends
  • Social media. For example, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Social norms. In other words, the expectations of society at large.
  • Medical professionals

Our first step is to identify the sources of stress and pressure in our lives. Let's look at an example.

Do you remember Lisa?

Lisa has been dreading Christmases ever since she started trying to conceive. She “mistakenly” told her family early on (after a lot of pressure from them) that she had finally started trying. Every Christmas since then, her family seems to only want to discuss this with her. Also, most of her friends in her hometown are either pregnant or have children, so they want to discuss her troubles as well. The pressure she experiences whenever she is in contact with these people makes her relationships with them very strained. Her Facebook account upsets her as well. She sometimes feels alienated when her friends post photos of their pregnancy or children.

Your pressures

Think about the last month or two. If you have felt pregnancy related pressure, where has it come from?