The pressure from society

Within society today, there is an automatic assumption that once people reach a certain stage of life they should begin to have children. This expectation can put a lot of extra pressure on you, especially if you are already feeling stressed. It might also strain some of your relationships.

Pressure is likely to come from a variety of different sources. It is common for well meaning friends and family to start asking you questions about when you plan to have a family. Or perhaps people around you are having children while you are not. There are also constant reminders in the media about the effect of the modern lifestyle on your biological clock. When you are experiencing difficulties with conception, all of these factors may contribute extra stress to an already tense situation.

This section of the program will give you some strategies to manage the pressure put on you by society, your family, and the other people in your life. It will equip you with a ‘relationship toolbox’ which you can use to manage challenging interpersonal situations.