What counts as behavior?

In the description below, what counts as behaviors? Use your mouse to select text and highlight it. When you are done, click below to see my answers.

Sally is sitting in her office at work, she is trying to finish a report her superiors have asked her to-do. However, she finds it difficult to concentrate because she is thinking about that invitation from her friend Jane. She has been friends with Jane since high school. The trouble is that her friend has just had a baby and is extremely excited to introduce Sally to her baby. Sally has not told her friend Jane about her problems, since she has had bad experience of sharing the problem in the past. In particular, she does not like when other people bring it up constantly after she has told them about the problem. Sally is thinking that if she goes tonight she might find that very difficult because her period started today. This month she had convinced herself yet another time that she was successfully pregnant this month. She had rushed into the shop and bought several pregnancy tests, however, she has read on the Internet that these tests are very often wrong, so she did not believe the negative results she had gotten. Yet she is thinking about how amazing it will be if it is true. She had also taken some online symptom test which said she is most likely pregnant given her symptoms. All this is taken together has overwhelmed her because and she called her friend Sally and told her that she has to work late tonight, even if this is a lie. Instead, she has a quiet night with her partner but feels guilty about not going.