What are your myths?

On the previous page we looked at some myths about conception. There are plenty more theories floating around:

  • Drinking cough medicine before ovulation will make you more fertile.
  • You should have sex with the lights on.
  • Men should avoid bananas
  • Green tea boosts fertility
  • Women must orgasm to get pregnant
  • You will only get pregnant if you have sex in the right position

It is hard to say that the items in this list are all absolutely and definitely "false" ‐ this is difficult to prove. However, we can say that there is little scientific evidence to back them up, so if there is any truth to them the effect would be minor (to the point of being inconsequential). The problem with this sort of advice is that it can lead to illusion of control, which we talked about earlier. For example:

I can't believe it didn't work this time – we ate all the right foods, we had sex on the right day, and we did it in the right position. What did we do wrong?

The truth is, you didn't do anything wrong.

What myths do you know that aren't listed above? In general, is there any advice that you've been given that you know is unlikely to help, but you still follow it anyway?