Writing a letter to yourself

Lisa and William's monthly disappointment

Every month Lisa goes through the same emotional roller coaster when her period is about to start. Sometimes she has really high hopes, thinking "OK, this is my month!", or "Wouldn't it be wonderful to be pregnant?". Other times, she is less optimistic, thinking "What's the point - it is never going to happen".

There are several behaviors that form a monthly ritual near the end of her cycle. First, she starts living a very healthy lifestyle "just in case". Secondly, she buys a pregnancy test, which comes back negative. However, she's read so many stories about false negative tests that she basically ignores the results, telling herself "the tests aren't accurate this early." There have been months where she has taken 3 tests. When her period finally comes, she and her partner William are devastated. Every month seems to be getting harder and harder, and she doesn't know how she is going to handle it.

Lisa's letter to herself

Lisa has been through this cycle so many times now that it is starting to wear her down. I recommended that she write a letter to her "future self" to remind herself what she goes through. The idea is that she will read it in the future in the days before her period.

Here is the letter she wrote to herself:

Exercise: Write a letter

Try writing a letter to yourself, and read it if things get tough next month.