Ovulation calculators

Don't get fooled by the accuracy of online calculators or apps

Have you ever used one of those online ovulation calculators? There are lots of them around:

The problem with these is that the word "calculator" gives you a false sense of precision. Calculators usually use mathematics to give exact answers to well defined questions. However, an ovulation calculator can only give you a rough estimate of your peak fertility. In reality, there are several factors that are not being taken into consideration. Furthermore, the actual timing varies from person to person, and month to month. In fact, even if you do know when you are ovulating (e.g. a blood test) there is some debate over the best time to have sex – during peak ovulation, or in the days before it.

Just to be clear, I am not saying you shouldn't try to have sex during more fertile times of the month. This is a proven technique, and is something you should discuss with your doctor or a medical expert. What I am saying is that there are other factors involved.

A similar point can be made about vitamins. There are vitamins and supplements that are known to be helpful for women trying to conceive. However, you should not become obsessive about them. They are not a "magic potion" or a guarantee of success. Even when you do everything perfectly, there are aspects of pregnancy that are out of your control.