The monthly disappointment

There is one thing that most people who are trying to conceive have in common: dreading the arrival of the period. It indicates that conception was once again unsuccessful, and there will at least one more month of emotional difficulties. The reaction can range from disappointment to a profound sense of grief and loss, comparable to losing a loved one. However, unlike most of life's tragedies, this is one that can happen time and time again, in a monthly cycle of hope and despair.

The arrival of the period can be one of the hardest times for couples as it is a potent reminder of their struggles. It is often accompanied by tears of sadness, anger, and frustration. Many people have had false alarms where they have convinced themselves that it has "finally happened". This makes it all the more difficult when the period actually starts. The timing is cruelly unfortunate, as it happens to occur at one of your most hormonal times of the month.

In the coming pages we are going to look at a few ways of dealing with this recurring problem.