What is CBT?

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and is a type of therapy based on behavioral and cognitive principles. That may sound complicated, but at its core it is rather simple. Basically, it is a way to examine thinking and behaviors in everyday life and seek to understand how they impact the way we experience the world.

Humans are not video cameras that accurately and objectively record the world around them. In fact, two people can look at the same situation and interpret it very differently. For example, look at the following image:

Do you see a series of columns, or pairs of ladies? What do you think about when you consider a more complex scene like this one:

Regardless of how the picture of the fair makes you feel, I can tell you one thing – no one else has the exact same reaction. The way you see the world depends on many things, such as your genetics and every experience you've ever had. Your mind is incredibly unique.