The power of thoughts

Thoughts are like clouds, drifting aimlessly through our consciousness without our awareness. We've all been there – you are having a great day, when all of a sudden you find yourself down in the dumps. What happened? If you stop and analyse your train of thought, quite often you will be able to pinpoint a particular thought that precipitated your bad mood. It may have seemed harmless in itself, but it set off a cascade of other upsetting ideas, leaving you feeling anxious or depressed. The clouds have now turned to rain.

Chloe's thoughts

Chloe was walking with her husband in the Scottish highlands. It was a crisp and sunny day, and she was happy to be enjoying the outdoors. All of a sudden she started feeling extremely upset. Her change in mood seems to have happened for no reason. However, when she starts to examine her own thoughts, she realizes her mood started changing after thinking about her difficulty conceiving. Next, she started thinking about her friend who got pregnant after 2 months of trying, which in turn made her think about a life without children.

Thoughts like these can hang over you like a rain cloud, ruining the sunniest of days. In this section of the program we are going to work on challenging these thoughts, leading to a more balanced mood in your every day life.